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07/13 THU

Thank you for over 30K followers on Instagram!

As we’ve reached over 30K followers on Instagram, we’ll give away “Buy One Get One Free” drink voucher to everyone upon entry who enters WOMB by 1am.

【How to Use】
When ordering at the bar, please hand over the “Buy One Get One Free” voucher that was given to you upon entry, to the bar staff. For each voucher you hand in, we’ll give you an extra one of the same drinks from your order.
The voucher is only valid on the day of distribution.

Example 1)
If you order one beer and give a voucher → We’ll serve you two beers

Example 2)
If you order one Vodka Soda and one beer, and give a voucher → We’ll serve you one Vodka Soda, one beer, and an extra one of either the Vodka Soda or the beer.

July 14th to July 30th
*Except July 15th