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Thank you for using WOMB WEB.
These terms & policies apply to all customers who use this service. Please carefully read and confirm the following.


Thank you for using WOMB WEB.
These terms & policies apply to all customers who use this service. Please carefully read and confirm the following.

Handling of Personal Information

Policy for the Protection of Personal Information

We will abide by all policies put in place by the government, laws, and other norms regarding the collection of personal information.

Purpose of Use

Email addresses and users' image preference information will be used for recommending images to users.
Collected user information is analyzed statistically and may be disclosed to users and third parties.
However, there is absolutely no information in this statistical information that may be used to identify individuals.

Regarding the Providing of Collected Information to Third Parties

Administrators will not provide or disclose acquired personal information to third parties except under the following cases.
・ In the case that consent has been given
・ In the case that it becomes necessary for the protection of life, the body, or property, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person in question
・ In the event that the disclosure or provision of personal information is required by other laws or regulations

Regarding Cookies

Cookies are a form of data that is sent to and recorded on customers' computers as a means of enabling websites to identify users.
There may be times that this service uses cookies to enhance the provided information and services, and make the user experience more convenient.
This service does not collect information that can identify individuals unless prior consent has been obtained.

User Policy

This service may be used only by users who have registered and have agreed to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement").

Prohibited Material

・Conduct that is opposed to public order and morals or laws and regulations such as sexually explicit images, hateful expressions, and expressions that promote criminal behavior
・ Conduct that is offensive to other users or visitors
・ Conduct that violates other users' or third parties' copyrights, intellectual property rights, or any other rights
・ Conduct that is libelous or slanderous against individuals, organizations, and institutions
・ Conduct that supports or encourages illegal activities
・ Conduct that interferes with the smooth operation of this service
・ Other conduct that administrators deem inappropriate


All responsibility for uploaded files shall be born by the user who has uploaded the file.
Administrators shall not be liable in any way for direct, indirect, collateral, punitive, inevitable, or any damages that arise from the use of this service.
Administrators assume no responsibility for cancellation, discontinuation or changes to the contents of this service, nor will any responsibility be assumed for registered user difficulties that occur as a result of using this service.


We give absolutely no guarantees regarding saved content and the state of preservation of uploaded data. In the event that an uploaded image is deemed by administrators to be prohibited or restricted, the image may be deleted without prior warning. In the event that a user if found by administrators to have violated the terms of this agreement, the said user's registration ID may be deleted without prior warning. Administrators may terminate or suspend the provision of this service without obtaining the consent of users.

Revisions to these Terms

The terms in this agreement may be revised without obtaining users' consent. Revisions apply to all users.